IT Community of Israel 🇮🇱 helps Ukraine 🇺🇦

1st of December, 2022
Thanks to the contribution of Israeli IT community in the previous months, we managed to buy and deliver to Ukraine the whole bunch of important things: 

    sleeping bags
    portable ovens
    blood stopping devices
    hygiene items
    portable digital radios
    thermal underware
    socks & underpants
    Starlinks (satelite Internet 
    thermal vision devices 
    Tablet computers & memory cards

They are really important, even if they are cheap and tiny. Very helpful. Thank you! You contributed to the victory of the civilization over barbarians and made it for hours (or even days) closer.

Now, we start a fundraiser for 10 encrypted digital radios - DMR AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS Digital ($239 each). A volunteer has contributed one, so we need 9 more. It makes $2150 =~ 7500 NIS. Every 50 NIS each will make a GREAT change. 1 shawarma in TA. You may donate more (sure not everyone will donate). Let’s do it!
● Send some cash to Bit or Paybox: 058 408 63 96● Paypal: moc.amsevop%40ortymd● Send tome cash directly to Ukrainian account (1 NIS =~ 10 UAH)
Update 4th of December 2022:We have collected 500NIS (~145 USD), so anticipating similar progress during the next days - ordering 1 item of DMR.
Update 27th of March 2023:We have collected 1250NIS (~350 USD) from Israeli people, and additional $650 from the Foundation. Ordered and delivered:● 3 items of DMR AnyTone● Active headphones● Protective glasses● 2 Memory cards 128 Gb● 40 liters backback● Number of "Dry shower" packs● Repair and mending accessories
Keeping raising money! Great appreciation to everyone who donates.

Your donations as of 27th March 2022


NIS collected


NIS to raise

You also can donate directly to the foundation account

1914 - 2022

During October and November 2022 Ukraine sustained 3 massive missile strikes (including Iranian drones-kamikaze) that were aimed Ukrainian electrical power infrastructure.The outcome of the attacks is totally devastating — around 50% of power generation, distribution and transportation infrastructure was damaged, leading to power outages in all regions. Some districts have no power, water, cellular communication and Internet for weeks (not much, but still). Good news —Kherson — regional center — has been liberated by Ukrainian army. Aftermath of Russian occupation really terrifies: many were voluntarily killed, tortured, raped. Sadly, this happens on all territories that are occupied by Russians: no law, marauding, robbing, no medical service. Life on the occupied territories is awful.
Said that, it’s super essential to liberate occupied territories as soon as possible: each day brings deaths to the informationally isolated cities and villages.I encourage you to help with that. Every minor item really brings the liberation moment closer and closer.
The single successful special forces operation may advance Ukrainian control for kilometers
So what we are aware of — SUCCESS.

Want to help in another way?

Drop a line to noitadnuof.rku%40olleh

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