Huge demand in Sleeping Bags

Sleeping on on a wet, cold ground in late autumn and winter is far less comfortable that you may think.But it's not about comfort only: bad sleep causes loss of concentration and reaction, fatigue, feeling not self-confident. So good sleeping bags are important, as Ukrainian soldiers mostly sleep right at the frontline.
How to work with this list?Open all the links in a new window, add all to your cart, then got your cart and compose the order to have free delivery to your doorstep.
How ofter can I order to keep it tax free in Israel?1 order per month per person (different T.Z.) is absolutely safe, we have positive experience with 2-3 deliveries per month per person (usually you have more than 1 person in the family, so use a chance!).

Also, you still can donate in cash using a variety of payment methods.Share this page with your friends and encourage them to help Ukraine too.

Want to help in another way?

Drop a line to noitadnuof.rku%40olleh

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