The Project below is closed.

As of April 2023, 5 people took part in this project, totally about 50 items were delivered to Ukraine, right to the frontline. Since October, 2022 no goods were delivered, but luckily we have 3 permanent cash donors. The report is coming soon.

The List of Demands - 

Help Ukrainians to defend against Russian aggression, help the world finally return to normal.
Order some items from the list below (1 item is fine, too) to cover essential need for the soldiers on the frontline. Goods arrive to your home address, you can open, touch, learn what is it - it may be useful for you as well.
Our agent will pick the delivered items and arrange fast and cheap delivery to Ukraine along with the all relevant paperwork (donation to ZSU - Armed forces of Ukraine).
Delivering to Israel from Amazon between 50 and 75 USD, you don't pay import taxes and get a free delivery (for the items from the list below)!
Compose your order on Amazon with total value between 50 and 75 USD, after it is delivered to your home - we'll pick it up and send to Ukraine.
How to work with this list?Open all the links in a new window, add all to your cart, then get to your cart and compose the order to have free delivery to your doorstep.
How ofter can I order to keep it tax free in Israel?1 order per month per person (different T.Z.) is absolutely safe, we have positive experience with 2-3 deliveries per month per person (usually you have more than 1 person in the family, so use a chance!).
Can I open or keep some items for myself?Sure, if you like it - no obligation from you side, it's voluntary.
Too complicated, can I donate money?Yes. You can donate in cash using a variety of payment methods. There's a range of items that are much cheaper to buy in Ukraine, so having some cash is really essential. Special for Israel: use Bit for number +972 58 408 63 96.

Also, you still can donate in cash using a variety of payment methods. Special for Israel: use Bit for number +972 58 408 63 96.Share this page with your friends and encourage them to help Ukraine too.

Want to help in another way?

Drop a line to noitadnuof.rku%40olleh

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